Energy Storage and its Applications

The ground-breaking Centre for Doctoral Training in Energy Storage and its Applications at the Universities of Sheffield and Southampton opened in October 2014, funded by the EPSRC, to tackle industrial challenges and develop new technologies and skills that will enable the UK to meet its low carbon targets.

Outputs from cohort 3


Lithium titanate/pyrenecarboxylic acid decorated carbon nanotubes hybrid - Alginate gel supercapacitor. Manoranjan Ojhaa, James Le Houx, Radha Mukkabla, Denis Kramer, Richard Wills, Melepurath Deepa, Department of Chemistry, Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad, Kandi, Sangareddy, 502285, Telangana, India, and the Energy Technology Research Group, Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences, University of Southampton

A closed-loop analysis of grid scale battery systems providing frequency response and reserve services in a variable inertia grid. Rachel Lee, Samuel Homan, Solomon Brown, Department of Chemical & Biological Engineering, The University of Sheffield, Niall MacDowell, Centre for Environmental Policy, Imperial College London,

Developments in soluble lead flow batteries and remaining challenges: An illustrated review.  Journal of Energy Storage. Vol. 15. M.Krishna, E.J.Fraser, R.G.A.Wills, F.C.Walsh

Project videos from the Year 1 Energy Storage Challenge team exercise

Mini Project Reports

The CDT uses Goldsim for Monte Carlo simulation modelling in Rachel Lee's Mini Project.

Summer Project Posters