Academic management board

Professor David Stone

University of Sheffield

Acting Director, Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering

Dave's interests are in power electronics and energy storage; particularly the development of ‘smart’ battery packs for all-electric and hybrid-electric vehicles, based on both Li-based chemistries, Ni-MH and VRLA cells, and second life operation of EV batteries for grid support.

Dr Solomon Brown

University of Sheffield

Deputy Director, Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering

Sol's interests range from the mathematical modelling of transient multiphase flows, to uncertainty quantification to the development of fast, robust and accurate numerical techniques for process modelling.

Professor Serena Corr

University of Sheffield

Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering

Professor Corr has recently joined the Department from the University of Glasgow, as Chair of Energy Materials. Serena is a research lead for the Supergen Hub in energy storage research into insertion electrodes and nanostructured material design, and for training delivered by the Faraday Institution.

Professor Beverley Inkson

University of Sheffield

Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Beverley is Professor of Nanostructured Materials, Director of the Sheffield NanoLAB/RCUK Basic Technology programme in Nanorobotics and Chair of the UK NanoFIB network.

Dr George Konstantopoulos

University of Sheffield

Department of Automatic Control and Systems Engineering

George's research interests lie in advanced control design of power electronic converters, nonlinear modelling and control of renewable energy systems, nonlinear stability of microgrids and smart grids, control design of electrical drives and vehicles, fault ride-through control of grid-tied converters, conditions for stability of power networks and fundamental nonlinear control theory.

Professor Andrew Cruden

University of Southampton

CDT Co-Director, Faculty of Engineering and the Environment

Andy is the head of the Energy Technology Research Group (ETRG), covering electrochemistry, cryogenics, superconductivity and combustion technology across electric vehicles, energy storage, renewable energy and condition monitoring.

Professor Suleiman Sharkh

University of Southampton

Deputy Director, Faculty of Engineering and the Environment

Suleiman is Professor of Power Electronics Machines and Drives and Head of Electro-Mechanical Engineering research group, with interests in high performance electrical machines and power electronics, electric marine thrusters, control systems, modelling and electric vehicles and energy storage/battery technology.

Dr Denis Kramer

University of Southampton

Faculty of Engineering and the Environment

Denis's research is in electrochemical energy conversion technologies such as fuel cells and batteries, combining state-of-the-art computational materials design (based on DFT) with advanced electrochemical characterisation and synthesis techniques to discover technology-enabling materials for these devices.

Professor Yifeng Yang

University of Southampton

Faculty of Engineering and the Environment

Yifeng is Professor of Cryogenics and Applied Superconductivity within the Energy Technology Group, Faculty of Engineering and the Environment. He returned to the Institute of Cryogenics as a lecturer 1995 and became a Professor in Cryogenics and Applied Superconductivity in 2004.

Professor John Owen

University of Southampton

Professor of Electrochemistry, Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science

John leads the Solid State Electrochemistry Group which researches into electrode and polymer electrolyte materials for batteries, supercapacitors, fuel cells and electrochromic devices.

Tracey McNeilly

University of Sheffield

Centre Manager, Department for Chemical and Biological Engineering

Tracey oversees the delivery and organisation of the Centre's training and research operations across both universities.

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